17 Weeks

Excuse the disheveled look – I realized we wouldn’t be home till after dark AGAIN tonight, so I had Oliver take this of me thing morning before I even had a shower! He was standing in his PJs and I threw on clothes before I headed out to the barn. One day we’ll put lights in that nursery….

I find it amusing how much of a bump I have from the side, but straight on it’s still a “…. is she… ?” look I get! I’m just glad it’s all growing “forward” right now and not just “out” in every direction 🙂


17 week bump!

Mom and I have been raiding the clearance racks and found some REALLY cute tops and pants. I love the “new wardrobe” and it all accentuates the blessing who grows bigger by the day!

What look do you find the cutest on a pregnant mommy-to-be? For the mommies out there, what was your favorite item of clothing during your pregnancy?

<3 Oliver and Tara

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