Living in a New Room

For some time now I have been wanting to rearrange the living room. This urge occurs every 12-18 months usually. But we had just been talking about my “vision” for the past year, and hadn’t done anything about it. I decided last week was the week we were DOING IT! Part of the motivation is that we were gifted a […]

15.5 Weeks

Again, a loverly backdated post … I’m just accepting the fact that this is practice for getting me used to being “late”. I hear that, and lack of sleep, are things I might as well begin to get comfortable with … *shudder*     Fun facts about this week People are beginning to reach out and touch the bump… and […]

Ok Baby, REVEAL yourself!

People ask us frequently if we are going to find out the gender of Squishy. When we began this journey over 2 years before this blessing, we were adament against finding out. We wanted to be surprised! Fast-forward over two years and we began to rethink this plan. You see, most couple have to wait 9 months – a year […]

Tummy Talk

I have quite a few apps on my phone that give me daily, weekly and/or monthly updates on Squishy. Tuesday is the “beginning” of the week for Squishy’s developmental milestones, so every Tuesday Oliver gets an announcement from me regarding Squishy’s size. Yesterday it was “Squishy is an APPLE!!” Oliver was a little skeptical, struggling to see how an apple […]


This will be a very “clean” post (har..har..har…) – all about the absolute showering of gifts we’ve received already for squishy. We’ve been so surprised that the little “orange” is already so very loved by those around us! From the day people found out, we’ve been showered with amazing gifts for us AND for squishy. Below are just some of […]

14.5 Weeks

Late again as usual – so this is actually being “back posted” to a more accurate date. I am sure you all will be understanding! Everything continues to go well. Slight dizziness has showed up as a new symptom, but only in a few hour spells and only twice in the last week. It continues to be a very blessed […]

The search begins…

  Kidding! Hahaha… seriously. Kidding. There is only one in there! And Oliver re-confirmed that with the doc a few times! So why does Oliver have FOUR baby car seats/carriers? Because nothing is easy when signing up for a registry … We had fully decided on a carrier and were ready to register for it. We’d gone to the store, lifted […]

Matters of the Heart

Oliver and I have known for some time that I am a genetic carrier for a familial heart condition. It had been a non-issue until we became pregnant. Apparently this heart condition LOVES pregnancy because of all the extra fluid you carry around. However, with all of that extra fluid, heart failure during and after labor is a higher possibility. […]

13.5 Weeks

Finally got around to this weeks picture… then finally getting around to posting 🙂 I know, I know. I’m simply glowing! However, we had just finished hanging new curtains, doing a ton of laundry and cleaning in an 80 degree room – so I’m not really “glowing” in the pregnant sense of the word 🙂   I just look like […]

Exercise and Cravings

This morning my friend Wendy and I took the babies for a hike. And by “babies” I mean her 2 year old, the two dogs and “Squishy” (not that he/she really had a choice!). Exhaustion is still lingering for me (I hear I should get used to it…) but it felt so good to get off the couch and exert […]