20 Weeks

Hello Banana and happy half birthday! I cannot believe we are halfway to meeting this little boy 🙂 That is both extremely exciting and extremely sobering … only 20 more weeks of this experience we waited so so so long for. Oliver gets to feel him kick regularly now, and I feel him daily. That has it’s good side and […]

A Must See…

So, Oliver had heard of this movie well before I had. I think that was a God-thing really. Oliver told me later that, when he saw the trailer, he immediately knew I shouldn’t/wouldn’t be able to go see it. I (thankfully) didn’t see the trailer until after we knew squishy was on the way. So, when it actually hit theaters, […]

Say “Cheese!”

Here are a few shots from the ultrasound we had before the gender reveal…     We we absolutely LOVE about the second photo (other than the solidly developing spine and brain) is how baby boy is sleeping. See how his knees are under him with his butt up in the air? This is EXACTLY how Tara slept as a […]

Daddy’s First…

Dear Baby Boy, Last night daddy had a first… after multiple times of trying to feel you kicking me, you finally gave dad a “thump” in the hand. I wish I’d had the camera going – it was a miracle moment. His eyes were as big as silver dollars, he gasped in air and was actually speechless for a moment. […]

Knock knock, Anyone Home?

  Yesterday was a particularly LONG, but VERY fun, day. My cousins was in town, so Kelly and I played “tour guides” around San Francisco all day. We did the Golden Gate Bridge, Presidio, Pier 39, Boudin, Ghirardelli, Chinatown, Little Italy, Lombard Street, The Painted Ladies (i.e. the “Full House” house) … *phew!* The biggest hike was UP Lombard Street […]

Feeling a little blue today …

We are SO excited to find out it is a baby BOY on the way in January. You can ask Oliver, I’ve had an inkling it was a boy from the very day we found out *smile* The party was a HUGE success, and turned out just as we’d hoped. Low key, people we love around us, people we love […]

Technical Support: How To Watch

So everyone who isn’t able to come to our party in-person will have the opportunity to WATCH it live! My gosh, don’t you LOVE modern day technology?! Now, this concept excited many but baffles many as well… so here is how it will work. Google has a social media feature called “Google Plus”. Within Plus is the opportunity to “Hangout” […]

The Party is a GO!

That’s right… Baby Roehl “revealed” him or herself to the ultrasound tech while keeping the news from us – just PERFECT!   I recorded a quick message for you all…  It become more and more breathtaking and real as we get further down this road – it REALLY IS HAPPENING! God ALWAYS keeps His promises, and His timing is ALWAYS […]