Song Lyrics

Songs mean a lot to me. I have songs that remind me of certain “eras” of my life, ones with lyrics that I attribute to people in my life and some that helped me through difficult times. I have songs I turn up loud and sing at the top of my longs while driving down the road or cleaning my […]

Down and out!

As many of you have read already, my back problems have been amplified by the squish. Physical therapy 3x a week is helping, but sleeping is still quite painful (whoever thought they would describe sleep that way, and so early in a pregnancy!). They have a pillow they put me on at PT that does wonders for the pain but […]

22.5 Weeks

Yes yes,  I fell off the bandwagon and had to do a “half week” again. I can blame the trip to the ER for throwing off my week, right? Or the fact that I opened my private practice back up for the fall session this week? All quite valid excuse… er… reasons. Right? *smile*     <3 Oliver and Tara

Happy for “Nothing”

Baby Boy kicks all day, usually quieting in the afternoon to take his “nap”. He kicks anything goes across my tummy, so it’s a good way to induce a kick if Oliver wants to feel him. Just yesterday morning I woke up to Oliver’s hand creeping under the blankets and over to my tummy. A short bit later baby kicked […]

A Model in the Making

That’s right – Squishy is going to be a model! Now before you start setting high expectations that he’ll be the cutest babby EVER born (not that we are denying that…), let me explain. Real Options is a local pregnancy clinic here in our area. Real Options offers pregnancy tests followed by an ultrasound, free of charge, to expectant moms […]

Watching Soccer

Boy, oh boy, do we have a kicker on our hands! We’ve been blessed to feel this baby WAY earlier than expected. First flutters were at 14 weeks and kicks were at 19 weeks (for both me and O!). For first pregnancies it’s usually closer to 20 weeks for “quickenings” and 24 weeks for consistent solid movements. We’ve enjoyed this […]

Confessions of an Infertility Survivor

The picture I am about to show you is a “skeleton in my  closet”. The image is quite embarrassing really. Something almost no one knows about. If you have ever come over to our house, you would think I keep a relatively neat home. [We are actually last minute “shove it in the closet because someone is coming over” people -but that […]

21 Weeks

Dear Baby Boy, Good golly you are getting big. This isn’t just showing via the bump – but also in strength! Just 21 weeks and already we can see your kicks and punches when we watch my belly! This week you are approximately 10 1/2 inches long. You love lemonade and you hate it when mommy gets hungry. You kick […]

Labor Day Weekend

This holiday weekend has been a fantastic time for Oliver and I to focus on baby and have some fun date outings. We started on Friday night, when “Auntie Wendy and Uncle Bryan” gave us tickets to the Stanford football game. Ohemwow… we LOVE college football! So Baby Boy, your FIRST football game was Stanford versus San Jose State, and […]