Month: October 2012

Corn Maze

*DISCLAIMER* Yes, I have been TERRIBLY remiss in posting – I have loads of belly shots, funny stories and even pictures from our Denver trip. We’ve just been swamped the past few weeks! So here is a teaser from today – and a belly shot at the end!*


Our third annual corn maze was today – it always begins with a big breakfast at our house before we set off on the adventure. Oliver and I see it as a way to share our favorite midwest activities with all these Californians 🙂


Although I got NO pictures at breakfast, I can honestly say the top two favorites were Spicy Sausage and Cheese Tarts and Sopapilla Cheesecakes. Though the Peanut Butter Cheese Ball and Pumpkin Dip got rave reviews as well 🙂 And a special thanks to my parents who stayed at my house after we left and did ALL the dishes. I came home to a perfectly clean kitchen!! *happy sigh*


Although the corn maze was NOT the one I thought we were going to, but it was a nice “short-ish” maze with trivia hints, a cute shop and yummy snack shack.


All the lovely ladies…


Our fella’s 🙂


Us ladies!
(Lauren took one for the team and was the pig!)


Punkin’ Bellies!


A friend put this together.. he’s a keeper 🙂

<3 Tara and Oliver



I am completely overwhelmed by the continued outpouring of love we’ve received. I spent yesterday recouping from all the weekend excitement and unloading all the gifts from the car. Oliver and I are completely speechless as the wonderful and thoughtful gifts people gave to our bundle. We’ve read through every note in every book for baby. Some made us laugh, some made us “awwwwww” and some made us (ok… me) cry. They will be beautifully displayed on the wall  in his room, and we will be able to read the messages to him each time we read that special book. I’m sure many of them will become fast favorites!


*shocked* Our baby is so loved!


While relaxing yesterday, I began sorting through all the clothes baby boy had received. Although his wardrobe has yet to put mine to shame, he has definitely outdone his daddy!  I sorted first by size, then by type to see what we were still short on. Can you believe we are short on almost nothing when it comes to clothes until baby boy is a year old?! It’s amazing! Right now I just need to shop for a jacket or two to keep him warm when I’m “baby wearing” during the 0-3 months, and this summer he just needs some shorts! We’ve already begun putting the clothing through the laundry and then we’ll begin putting them away in his room or storing them in the closet for later. We’re thinking of storing them in some of these..

Plastic Bins


How do you store away your seasonal clothing or your little one’s clothing for later?

<3 Tara & Oliver

Celebrating a Life

This past Saturday was filled with blessings beyond measure! My mother hosted a beautiful baby shower for me, with the help of some of her friends and some of mine. She really wanted my input into the shower, so it was wonderful to see it  all come together and feel that it really represented who I am *smile* The people who contributed to the shower went above and beyond. Kelly came down from Marin the day before to help with prep, stay the night and help out all day at the shower. Wendy and her mother-in-law presented a fabulous idea for quilt guest book, which Wendy then helped implement. Kaitlyn greeted everyone at the door, as she is the one person in my life with the most connections to the multiple facets of my social world. Kathleen, Yasue and Karin all worked tirelessly the day of the shower to make sure set-up, tear down and clean-up went quickly and painlessly! Ashley and Chelsea ran around snapping pictures, making sure to preserve the memories of the day for me. And my mom – I can’t even begin to talk about all the wonderful things she did. She spent weeks working to prep everything to be “just right”. From digging through her book collection, renting a beautiful space at the Larkspur Hotel, staying up late cooking… she made sure it was a perfect day! And to everyone who was able to attend – thank you for doing your part of having fun and relaxing! I can’t tell you how many times I just stood, looking around the room, seeing smiles, hearing laughs and watching everyone being so creative for our little boy! I get teary eyed right now just thinking back to it.


A peek into the party!
(Click on image for larger view!)


All images can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who has, is and continues to shower this baby boy with love. We’ve dreamed of these events for so long while we waited on God’s timing for us to finally overcome infertility and welcome him – and you all are making these moments that much more precious!

<3 Tara and Oliver

Mini adventures

Well this week has held a few of its own bumps and bruises, but we are still going strong! Tuesday I realized how “alien” my own body really is to me when I went to sit down and only caught the edge of the chair. This resulted in me crashing to the ground with the chair close behind for a good whack in the head. And two clients staring on horrified. Except for some bruising and soreness, we are both ok … and MUCH more careful when sitting down!

This morning was the dreaded glucose test. Due to an alarm oops, bad traffic, poor communication between the lab and my doctor and being informed that I had to have the TWO hour test… baby and I went 16 hours without food. I’ve heard from a lot of moms that their babies get rowdy after they eat. Not so with baby boy, he gets rowdy when we’re hungry! So he was dancing like crazy through the whole test! Thank goodness for one of my besties, who arrived on the scene with food as soon as we were released – to my surprise it was my current FAVORITE lunch! <_3 happy="happy" sigh="sigh" p="p">Tonight is the fundraiser where they will be live broadcasting a 3D ultrasound of squishy’s adorable face. Please pray he cooperates!

<_3 tara="tara" _="_" oliver="oliver" p="p">

Taking Some Peeks!

So sorry it has been so long between posts. Really, nothing much eventful has been happening (thank goodness!). I do have belly shots from the past two weeks, but they are on hubby’s phone and he hasn’t sent them to me yet *hint hint!* Tomorrow he is 25 weeks – if born now he would be a “micro-preemie” – but he would have a chance of survival outside of me! Scary and exciting all at once!

Squish has done a beautiful job showing us his VERY chubby cheeks at the last few “checks”, so he will definitely be the model for the Real Options fundraiser on Thursday night! This means they will be doing a 3D/4D ultrasound on him live on the big screen for donors to watch and understand how their money is being used! Today I went by and taught the staff at the center how to take the images they save from 3D/4D ultrasounds and burn them to a DVD for records and such. While there, I was able to burn my OWN to a DVD and take it home! Now some images can be a tad “freaky” … but here are some shots of his face. The “blowing kisses” one seems to be everyone’s favorite so far!

24 week photos
(click image to enlarge)


As if the images weren’t enough to take a new mommy and daddy’s breath away – I was able to work with them and figure out how to burn the video to a disk as well. Be still my heart, there is my baby boy sleeping soundly!
Note: In the beginning they are trying to find him … then when they do, we can see he has one leg tucked under him and it holding one up in the air with his little hands wrapped around it. We have a yoga baby on our hands! *giggle*



Until next time!

<3 Tara and Oliver