Flying with Baby: Baby Wearing

We just returned from our first flight with Liam, who is now 4.5 months old. I did a LOT of research before we went, and learned along the way as well. I know I have quite a few friends who are preparing for flights with their babies soon – so I decided to post about what worked *for us*. Not […]

Transverse Breech

Liam was a c-section baby because he was transverse breech. That has a lasting impact on a lot of the decisions I make for him on a daily basis. Many people have no idea what transverse breech means, and thus don’t understand my explanations when I say we “can’t” do something, or I have to adapt milestone expectations for him. So, here […]

A change in the winds…

*Disclaimer: Yes, I have been extremely negligent in this blog. But with all of the drama around Liam’s birth, then surgery 3 weeks later… mommyhood has taken its toll. Oh.. and the news below too… I am a huge Julie Andrews fan. Like, huge huge. One of my favorite movies she starred in is Mary Poppins. I love how Mary […]