Forest School 2017: Day 3

As we pulled into the parking lot this week, Pip spotted his “guide” and shouted greetings to her as soon as he was free of his car seat. He was greeted with smiles and friendly greetings. As a mom, that means a lot! The teachers for our forest program prefer to be known as guides. They aren’t sitting them down […]

Gameschooling: Do you?

So ,what is Gameschooling? Gameschooling is teaching school subjects through game play – board games, card games, etc. So teaching geography through Ticket to Ride, colors through Candyland… you get the idea! Why would one Gameschool? Games teach so many fantastic skills and, if selected carefully, can teach great educational subjects at the same time! In addition to the obvious […]

Another day in nature

Today was day two of Forest School/Nature School (we use the terms interchangably). Some cute photos and takeaways. Liv is always so excited to arrive at Forest School! Especially when she also gets to wear brother’s hat. For science, they learned about butterflies and then disolved sugar into water to make sugar plates. We didn’t see any butterflies, but we […]

Forest School 2017: Day 1

I had learned about forest school via world wide web. I’d show videos to my husband and told him how much I wish we had one near us. It was pure chance that I found our local forest school! A mom had posted on a local homeschooling group about the activities she was enrolled in and asked what others were […]