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The last week…

This past week is our last week without baby boy a part of our life. I’m a tad addicted to pictures … and document everything. So here is a sneak peek into our last week without baby!


Top to bottom, left to right:

  • baby boy is making it harder to fit into booths at restaurants..
  • with ym sister in town, we’ve had a few fun game nights over at my parents’ house
  • We went to Benihana’s for mom’s birthday… my niece was quite entertained!
  • I went to IKEA for the last of my “nesting” items .. and a good walk as well!
  • As we assemble items, “Fred” has been our test dummy. He is a doll my grandma gave me before my brother was born 24 years ago!
  • We took my niece shopping with my mom’s friend. She was quite entertained emptying every contained she could!
  • My sister and I were quite entertained at the “double standard” we found throughout the mall..  It looks like someone stole his pants and left him in his argyle socks while the chicks are busy fulfilling fantasies.
  • I’ve begun work changing my burlap Christmas wreath for our next celebration – baby boy!
  • My niece loves crawling between my legs. Leaving me with the view of one cousin underneath another!
  • My FINAL physical therapy appointment pre-baby … three times a week since July and then suddenly we’re done! Time for baby!
  • Some dear girlfriends came over and helped me organize some of my craft room – the goodies I found! Including my flashcards from grad school!
  • This lotion has been AMAZING the last month and a half – here’s hoping my feet remediate themselves once baby isn’t on board and this lotion can be retired until the next little one!
  • My pregnancy shoes – elastic straps, slip on breathable and good support for my feet. These have been my best friends the past few months!
  • Pedicures with my sister before D-day! And yes.. those are packing peanuts between my toes. Looks like the economy has even effected the nail salon!

Sunday night I’ll post another collage, from our final weekend with “baby on board”. And this will be the place to find pictures and updates on Monday!

<3 Tara and Oliver

Maternity Photos

We have known Scott and Stacy for 3-4 years now. They went to a home group we used to be a part of, and are amazing people. They have two of the cutest kids on the planet and these amazingly HUGE hearts. I mean, they met working in an orphanage in South Africa! WOW! They own Urban Earth Photography, and have photographed a LOT of our friends’ big life events. We were so excited when they offered to do our maternity shoot! This pregnancy is something we feared would  NEVER happen, and now we have photos to remember this amazing time waiting for Squishy to grow big and strong so we can welcome him into the world.

As you know, this blog has been about me being real, not “perfect”. As a perfectionist, this isn’t easy. But God really laid it on our hearts to tell our story when He blessed us with baby boy after those 2.5+ years of waiting. So, in continuing in ALL honesty, I am posting ALL of the pictures. They are all BEAUTIFUL, but I can honestly say I look at some and think “ug – I look huge!” or “wow… big butt much?” Now, this is nothing to do with the photography (again, Scott and Stacy are amazing) and everything to do with my own insecurities. But here they ALL are … enjoy 🙂

Forget answers, more questions

Last night we sat down and created a list of 32 questions for our OB today. It was our last appointment before the c-section next Monday, and I needed to have a ‘picture’ in my head before I arrived at the hospital next week. I was feeling ready, and strong, and excited to know what was going to happen. I just wish I hadn’t left crying and defeated once again…

Our scheduled c-section time shifted slightly, it has now been pushed back to noon (meaning we must arrive at the hospital at 10am). That was no big deal. Our OB also informed us that the anesthesiologist was hand picked by the cardiologist and is supposed to be absolutely fantastic. More good people on our team! But the good news stopped there…

  • We’ve been booted back to the OR and no permission has yet to be granted for Oliver to join me. So I am facing not only a c-section, but a c-section alone.
  • Because it’s in the OR, they will take the baby straight to maternity while I get “stitched up”. No skin-to-skin … I can’t even touch my baby. I’ll get one look at him before they take him, when the OB holds him up for me to see before giving him to the nurses.
  • I’ll be then put into recovery and eventually transferred to the cardiology floor, where my stay has possibly been upped back to 48 hours again.
  • Currently no permission has been granted for the baby to visit me on the cardiac floor. They are trying to get permission for him to have short visits with a nurse from the nursery. Without the nurse, he cannot come to my room, and he can only stay as long as she can.
  • It is not known whether anyone can stay with me on the cardiac floor, and no one can stay with the baby overnight in the nursery.

It’s amazing how much our priorities have changed the more this has developed. From a 3 page, all natural, birth plan with detailed instructions … to begging hospital administration to allow my husband to be in the OR with me and to be allowed to even see my baby. Oliver has been amazing through it all, constantly my rock and my support … and my optimism. We know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that there is a reason for all of this. Our God is not one to abandon us in our time of need. If anything, we are learning to rely on Him more and more.

<3 Tara and Oliver


Corn Maze

*DISCLAIMER* Yes, I have been TERRIBLY remiss in posting – I have loads of belly shots, funny stories and even pictures from our Denver trip. We’ve just been swamped the past few weeks! So here is a teaser from today – and a belly shot at the end!*


Our third annual corn maze was today – it always begins with a big breakfast at our house before we set off on the adventure. Oliver and I see it as a way to share our favorite midwest activities with all these Californians 🙂


Although I got NO pictures at breakfast, I can honestly say the top two favorites were Spicy Sausage and Cheese Tarts and Sopapilla Cheesecakes. Though the Peanut Butter Cheese Ball and Pumpkin Dip got rave reviews as well 🙂 And a special thanks to my parents who stayed at my house after we left and did ALL the dishes. I came home to a perfectly clean kitchen!! *happy sigh*


Although the corn maze was NOT the one I thought we were going to, but it was a nice “short-ish” maze with trivia hints, a cute shop and yummy snack shack.


All the lovely ladies…


Our fella’s 🙂


Us ladies!
(Lauren took one for the team and was the pig!)


Punkin’ Bellies!


A friend put this together.. he’s a keeper 🙂

<3 Tara and Oliver


22.5 Weeks

Yes yes,  I fell off the bandwagon and had to do a “half week” again. I can blame the trip to the ER for throwing off my week, right? Or the fact that I opened my private practice back up for the fall session this week? All quite valid excuse… er… reasons. Right? *smile*


22.5 week Papaya!


<3 Oliver and Tara

Watching Soccer

Boy, oh boy, do we have a kicker on our hands! We’ve been blessed to feel this baby WAY earlier than expected. First flutters were at 14 weeks and kicks were at 19 weeks (for both me and O!). For first pregnancies it’s usually closer to 20 weeks for “quickenings” and 24 weeks for consistent solid movements. We’ve enjoyed this early “gift”. This week we noticed we are actually beginning to be able to SEE the baby’s movements from the outside. This has been quite amusing! Staring at my belly is becoming one of our favorite evening activities! Haha! We caught a little bit of it on video a few days ago. You can see it clearer without clothing, but I’m not comfortable with the whole “bare belly” thing. So you have to watch through the tank top. All the movements are in the upper left corner. Sorry it is a weird angle, I can’t lay flat on my back, so I’m partially propped on my side (giving everything a really weird perspective … I swear my belly isn’t THAT lopsided! Haha!).

I give a few verbal comments, but the time markers for the larger kicks are:

  • 5 second
  • 9 seconds
  • 23 seconds
  • 53 seconds
  • 1:30 seconds



Oliver will often bend down and talk to baby now, telling him to behave, eat well and do his homework *smile*  Tara sings all the time to him, and daily we pray over him. Just 4.5 months of this magical time.

<3 Oliver and Tara

21 Weeks

Dear Baby Boy, Good golly you are getting big. This isn’t just showing via the bump – but also in strength! Just 21 weeks and already we can see your kicks and punches when we watch my belly! This week you are approximately 10 1/2 inches long. You love lemonade and you hate it when mommy gets hungry. You kick and kick until she eats. If the hunger lasts too long, you kick the diaphragm and give her hiccups! You also hate anything going across mommy’s tummy – seat belts, the waist of mom’s regular jeans, belts to hold up said jeans … you kick the restricting object adamantly until it is moved.  She’s been relegated to her maternity jeans and exercise pants for fear of internal bruising! *smile*


Carrot baby!

20 Weeks

Hello Banana and happy half birthday! I cannot believe we are halfway to meeting this little boy 🙂 That is both extremely exciting and extremely sobering … only 20 more weeks of this experience we waited so so so long for. Oliver gets to feel him kick regularly now, and I feel him daily. That has it’s good side and bad. The good is obvious. The bad is that it increases my fear if I don’t feel him for any length of time. I really have to keep handing it over to Christ and reminding myself this is completely out of our control. We are still very filled with joy 🙂

The size of a banana!


Happy Half-Birthday!


In other (very good news) – your prayers are working! Tara felt a HUGE relief in back pain very shortly after posting about it. Please keep the prayers coming! The Physical Therapist has increased her therapy to three times a week and is expecting it to have to continue through the remaining five months of the pregnancy. Random fact: sore abs feel VERY different in pregnancy than they do regularly! Haha!

17 Weeks

Excuse the disheveled look – I realized we wouldn’t be home till after dark AGAIN tonight, so I had Oliver take this of me thing morning before I even had a shower! He was standing in his PJs and I threw on clothes before I headed out to the barn. One day we’ll put lights in that nursery….

I find it amusing how much of a bump I have from the side, but straight on it’s still a “…. is she… ?” look I get! I’m just glad it’s all growing “forward” right now and not just “out” in every direction 🙂


17 week bump!

Mom and I have been raiding the clearance racks and found some REALLY cute tops and pants. I love the “new wardrobe” and it all accentuates the blessing who grows bigger by the day!

What look do you find the cutest on a pregnant mommy-to-be? For the mommies out there, what was your favorite item of clothing during your pregnancy?

<3 Oliver and Tara