Taking Some Peeks!

So sorry it has been so long between posts. Really, nothing much eventful has been happening (thank goodness!). I do have belly shots from the past two weeks, but they are on hubby’s phone and he hasn’t sent them to me yet *hint hint!* Tomorrow he is 25 weeks – if born now he would be a “micro-preemie” – but […]

A Model in the Making

That’s right – Squishy is going to be a model! Now before you start setting high expectations that he’ll be the cutest babby EVER born (not that we are denying that…), let me explain. Real Options is a local pregnancy clinic here in our area. Real Options offers pregnancy tests followed by an ultrasound, free of charge, to expectant moms […]

Say “Cheese!”

Here are a few shots from the ultrasound we had before the gender reveal…     We we absolutely LOVE about the second photo (other than the solidly developing spine and brain) is how baby boy is sleeping. See how his knees are under him with his butt up in the air? This is EXACTLY how Tara slept as a […]

July 4th Photo Shoot

My parents were in town for the holiday, so we wanted to let them “meet” their latest grandchild today via ultrasound (since we’d never really had a first one but for a quick picture at 7weeks). And boy did we get a show! “Squishy” was flipping, hiding, waving and even got the hiccups. I can’t lie, in between giggling at […]


Today we went to see my OBGYN for the first time. The first thing she said when she walked through the door was “WOW! What a surprise!!!!” She was the one who had referred us out when she couldn’t help us anymore. And boy was she surprised to find out prayer, and not infertility treatments, had gotten us to this […]