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[the] Fam’s 5 Faves: Babywearing (in the heat!)

[The] Fam’s 5 Faves: Babywearing (in the heat) by tararoehl on Polyvore

A floppy hat is great for covering baby’s head, especially when they don’t want the hood up!

I love my Arctic Chill Towel! I wear it between baby and me. The key to keeping baby cool is to NOT let them get damp! This towel does the trick!

Those legs hanging out are ripe for burning! These leg covers have UV protection and are cooler than most leg garments!

Some good sunscreen is important on that precious baby skin! This stuff is greasy, but does the job!

Something cold to chew on is a great way to help baby regulate their temp. Hang this frozen toy from the loops on your carrier!
And here is a slightly ridiculous, haphazardly thrown together video of how I use my arctic chill/frogg togg towel to keep Liam cool while babywearing!

❤ Tara

Saturday Summary

Babywearing Series - Week ONE |

So far so good – even though we are in the middle of our move to Denver, I have been able to keep up with the posting! Click on each picture to jump to the post!

Babywearing Series - Week ONE |

Tuesday was the latest installment of “Tried & True” where I discussed my very first babywearing experience – our beautiful orange Moby wrap!


Wednesday was the beginning of our “Why We Wear” series with the number one reason we began wearing.

Babywearing Series - Week ONE |


Babywearing Series - Week ONE |

Thursday was my first fact filled post answering the question of when when it is ok to let baby be worn “legs out”.


Friday was our latest “Fam’s 5 Faves” and a peek into our “stash’ with our 5 favorite carriers (in order of preference/most used).

Babywearing Series - Week ONE |

Remember, all the posts are being listed on this post as well. We’ll begin again tomorrow!


❤ Tara

[the] Fam’s 5 Faves: Breastfeeding

The Fam's 5 Faves: Breastfeeding


This episode of the “Fam’s 5 Faves” is focusing on breastfeeding.  I figured it was a great segue off of last month’s series focusing on Milking It.

Here is a break down of our favorites…

Nursing Covers

My two “go to” covers right now are the Motherhood Nursing Scarf and my Simple by Bebe Au Lait. I use the scarf when it is cool enough to sport a scarf – it’s super handy and cute too! The Bebe Au Lati is extremely breathable for warmer days (read more about it here).

Nursing Pillow

My back SCREAMS at me when we’ve been away from home and away from my pillow. It’s important to not hunch over baby when nursing, and bringing them up higher helps you save your back. I love this pillow so much that I’m taking it on our trip to Hawaii. Nine days is just TOO long to be away from it! I know there are quite a few brands out there, like the Boppy and My Breast Friend, but I’m a Boppy gal myself! It has a lot of uses other than just a nursing pillow. When your little one is on “tummy time”, you can prop them up on it. It also helps stabilize them when they start sitting up! I even prop Liam up a bit on it when he is sleeping on the ground.

Booby Tubes

Lets just be frank here ladies – engorgement and sore nipples are no fun. These guys were either in my freezer or in my bra those first few weeks. I highly suggest two sets – keep rotating them out! I love that I could use them directly on the nipples, or set it up so they went around them. They were soft, organic … I really did love them! They still do come out of the freezer – like when I am upping my supply for storage, and thus pumping A LOT.

Nipple Butter

Organic, smells good … I love this little nipple saving jar. And the small jar goes a LONG way. I still have the same jar I brought to the hospital with me! I dab a little on, let it melt and soak in, then “cover up” again. I also put it on before I pump to keep from getting sore. At first I was worried that Liam didn’t like the taste, so I switched to coconut butter. But I soon switched back. Now, the simple smell of it makes me remember those first few days of Liam’s life.  And it is ALWAYS in my pumping bag!

Nursing Pads

I cheated on the “two for one” deal again on this, but my preferred nipple pads have changed over time. In the beginning I leaked… a LOT. So I loved the washable organic cotton nursing pads. I cycled through them quickly, sometimes two sets a day. But they were super soft against my “skin”, and offered protection from things that might accidentally brush against “sensitive areas”. After my milk situation evened out, I switched to the LilyPadz. I love them! They still offer protection against friction, cover up your “headlights” and keep enough pressure on to stop minor leaks. More on them in the future…


What are some of your top favorites for breastfeeding?

❤ Tara

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