Babywearing: Knee-to-knee

When babywearing, position is REALLY important. Many Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) come with “infant inserts” that you use until your new bundle of joy is “big enough”. But what exactly is “big enough”? For a legs out position, “big enough” is when the carrier goes “knee-to-knee”. Knee-to-knee is when their legs not only poke out of the carrier, but that […]

Why We Wear #1

*Why We Wear is a image-based series sharing the reasons why we babywear* Skin-To-Skin Time! Extensive research has shown that skin-to-skin time with your newborn is important for BOTH of you! So strip off your nursing top and wrap that baby against you mommy – it’s time for some bonding. ❤ Tara P.S. As you can see, Liam is brand […]

Tried and True: Moby Wrap

The very first wrap I received (as well as used) was my Moby Wrap. Made from a cotton jersey material, it is soft and stretchy. It really cuddles baby and keeps them feeling secure. However, when you first open it, many are overwhlemed by the 5.5 meters (over 18 feet) of cloth. Here is the inside scoop on the Moby: […]

October = Babywearing!

October 7th-13th is “International Babywearing Week”. This is a time for babywear-ers everywhere to celebrate their babywearing ways while also spreading awareness about babywearing. If anyone knows anything about me – I’m all about babywearing! And I get a lot of questions about carriers, styles and ways of babywearing. So, this month I’ll be writing all about babywearing. I’ll keep […]