How I Plan: Part 2

You’ve just sat down with all of your exciting curriculum, sticky notes, crisp new planner, pretty pens… when you have a terrifying realization. You have a lot of things we want to cover in a year, but when you write it out every day… well, you might need to skip meals and sleep to get it all done! That is […]

How I Plan: Part 1

I am often asked how I schedule out our homeschool year. I truly think everyone’s schedule is their own and should reflect their own thinking preferences, the types of learners their children are and what philosophy they follow with homeschooling. That being said, I do think seeing how other’s schedule can help us find our own way of doing things. […]

Birds: Week Two

I’m writing out ahead of time what our plan is for the week and then I will be posting photos, here and on my Instagram, as we progress! Week one was so much fun and we can’t wait to get into learning all about the parts of a bird! Supply list here. ** Reminder: We will still be doing our […]

Birds: Week One Day Two & Three

Tuesday Tuesday started with Storytime with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. It was a nice slow start to the morning at the kitchen table! That was followed up with an Outschool class Pip signed up for with one of his co-op friends. We are really liking this teacher and her classes. She’s great with classroom management, engaging the kids, […]

Birds: Week One, Day One

Today was our official kick off of the Birds Unit Study, and also just happens to be our Zoom Co-Op day. It was a fun kick off with everyone on camera and making nests! We read Nest by Jorey Hurley, The Nest by Constantine Georgiou and Mama Built a Little Nest, Jennifer Ward together while making nests from materials we […]

Habit Forming

Something we focus on in our home are habits. We intentionally address a single habit and work together to form them in ourselves, each other and within our family as a whole. It is an important part of our family culture. I wanted to take a moment explaining how we do this, then discuss what we are working on as […]