Tried & True: Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)

Tried & True: Soft Structured Carriers |
We are big fans of Soft Structured Carriers in our house. It’s often our go-to carrier. Quick to buckle on, multiple position options, toss it in the wash when it gets grimy … everything a frazzled new mommy needs!
I’ve seen a lot of people asking about the differences between a Tula and an Ergo. So I wanted to give you a few factual comparisons between the two, then go into my own personal pros and cons of these two.
Here is a little visual of what each measurement in the table is actually measuring…
Measuring Points of an SSC |
L = length, W = width




L: padded shoulder strap



W: padded shoulder strap



L: adjustable shoulder strap



L: body



W: body

13 – 16.5”


W: seat



L: padded waist



W: padded waist

3.25” – 4.5”

3.25” – 5.5”

L: adjustable waist

~ 30”

~ 28.5”

W: adjustable waist




Now that you can see the facts, here are my opinions!

Ergo Performance

  • Tough – made of durable material, easily washes/wipes clean
  • Breathable!
  • Dark colored, so it doesn’t show a ton of dirt
  • Pocket for hood
  • Hood snaps on quite easily
  • Good sized zipper pocket for phone, keys, etc
  • Rolls up small
  • Let’s just face it – it isn’t “cute”. But the other Ergo styles are beginning to come in cute patterns!
  • Not as wide as the Tula – narrower seat and body means baby will grow out of it much sooner!
  • Not great for really petite people – the waist strap doesn’t go small enough!



  • Ohemwow – can we say totally ADORABLE patterns?!
  • Body stays wide overall (versus “wave” style body of Ergo)
  • See the difference in lengths of adjustable straps?! This gives you a ton of room to find your “sweet spot”
  • Hood detaches completely and can be stored away
  • Hood can be cinched tighter around baby’s face
  • Canvas material is pretty durable, but “softens up” to “super cuddly” status!
  • Rolls up well!
  • You need to be gentle when washing – you don’t want to wear it out or damage it. And some of the lighter styles stain easily
  • It can get quite toasty inside of there – for you AND baby! The price of a bigger body panel. Canvas is NOT breathable
  • The pocket is too small – MAYBE can hold my phone. Or my credit cards/IDs. Doubt it could hold both.

Here is a comparison shot of Liam in both carriers. For reference, he is 8 1/2 months old, 27.5” long and 19 lbs, 2 oz.




❤ Tara


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