I hadn’t been feeling well all week. After a long weekend at Maker Faire, I figured I’d just overdone myself and that a seizure was on the way. But as the week went on the exhaustion just wouldn’t subside, no seizure came, and I was weirdly adversive to some of my favorite foods.


…. wait a minute.


I thought about it for a few days before finally buying that new box of pregnancy tests. Oliver and I were set to go out of town for the long weekend to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. And those two dreadful words (“not pregnant”) just always made me so emotional. So here was my thought process: take the test Thursday, have it say “not pregnant”, cry, get over it, have a nice weekend with the hubby.


So I did it… and waited. And waited some more. Then a little longer. (ever notice how those 2 minutes feel like HOURS?!?!)


… it said pregnant.


I stared in disbelief for what must have been a minute. Then I began to shake, cry and had to hold myself up on the bathroom counter for fear of falling.


I took another test that evening… because I didn’t believe it. But it said the same thing. I would wait till morning to tell Oliver.






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  1. Melissa Avatar

    I’m so extremely thrilled for you guys! I know you are an amazing mom already. O must be over the moon! Glad you are doing so well. Enjoy every little hiccup, bump, & movement once they start. “Squishy” will be here before you know it! Praying for a healthy, happy pregnancy and safe, smooth delivery. ILY guys so much!

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