Nana and Papa McKinney

My parents were both in town at the same time, so we could FINALLY break the news to them! Now, you know I couldn’t just say it – we had the benefit of seeing them eye-to-eye and watching their reactions (unlike the majority of our family). They are some of the few people who knew of our on-going struggle to get pregnant and were praying fervently for us. So we convinced them to go out to dinner with us to celebrate “mother’s day” and “father’s day”, since they had been out of town for both of those holidays. We met them at P.F. Changs in downtown San Jose. We then brought of the conversation of dates for a trip to Vegas we were going to take in January …. all while having these in our laps:

Nana and Papa x2 (this will be their second grandchild)

I’m not quite sure what my favorite part of this audio is …

  • dad cutting me off when I was trying to get to the big news
  • the dramatic pause where we hold up their shirts
  • dad’s yell of “ARE YOU KIDDING?!” which resulted in the entire restaurant looking at us 🙂
  • Me, being too close to the secret recording, laughing and crying simultaneously through the whole thing
  • Mom telling the waiter when he came to give us our food
  • Ok… I pretty much love the whole thing.

Listen for yourself… Telling Parents Moment

<3 Tara (& Oliver!)







5 responses to “Nana and Papa McKinney”

  1. Charity Avatar

    OMG! This is the sweetest audio I’ve heard! Thank you for sharing this and Hubby and I are sooooo thrilled and joyful for you both!

  2. Lisa Avatar

    OMG Tara! This audio seriously brought tears to my eyes. =) Your dad sounds sooo excited. And it was so funny how you kept trying to tell him and he kept cutting you off. Thank you for letting me be involved in this part of your life. I am so happy for the both of you! It is your time.

    Lisa Mazariego

  3. annie Avatar

    tara i cried through the whole recording!!!!! thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  4. Wendy Avatar

    So awesome! Great recording!

  5. Wendy Avatar

    My fave is definitely your mom telling the waiter. lol

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