The Facebook Announcement

Today we announced it to facebook that…

YES! We’re expecting!

You’re probably here because you saw that announcement or got our e-mail blast about baby. But we want to let you know that this will be our only “Baby update” via social media. Although we will sometime talk about a new “post” going up – there won’t be blatant “BABY!!!” updates. We still have many friends dealing with infertility and we want to respect that they are still waiting for their own blessing. So *all* updates will be here …

Please be sure to read “Our Story” to understand where we’ve come from …


<3 Oliver and Tara

P.S. We are still in the process of doing some “back posting” of photos, videos, etc. We’ll put up a “new” post telling you when to go look at “old posts”. Confused yet?! Must be the baby brain…






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  1. Norma Avatar

    Love reading everything about your story! Bringing a child into the world is obviously amazing but I do balieve when you go through all the infertility issues first evry little thing is even more special. We took four years and when it finaly happened!!! WOW!!! Seeing all this is bringing up alot of memories of my pregnancy last year! So happy for you! You have such an amazing experience comming your way. Everything from the heart burn, the kicks, the birth, your gonna have to pinch yourself LOTS!!!! Sometimes I still do!!!!

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