Exercise and Cravings

This morning my friend Wendy and I took the babies for a hike. And by “babies” I mean her 2 year old, the two dogs and “Squishy” (not that he/she really had a choice!). Exhaustion is still lingering for me (I hear I should get used to it…) but it felt so good to get off the couch and exert what little energy I had conquering the lookout trail. It was a steep .7 mile trail that had 5-6 switchbacks taking you straight up to the top! At least I could carry my behbeh  in the front… poor Wendy had her’s on her back! But we made it, and it felt amazing to be at the top!


At the top of the lookout!
At the top of the lookout!

Afterwards I fed one of my newest cravings  … this craving has been around a week, I just haven’t’ been the one to go to the grocery store lately. So I stopped at Safeway on my way home and “indulged”…

Carrots and Ranch! Mmmmm!

We are technically 13 weeks today! Yay! So “Squishy” is the size of a peach or a tangerine… bump pictures to come tomorrow probably. We won’t be home till after dark today, and the nursery (our photo shoot location) doesn’t have any lights in it!

<3 Tara (and Oliver!)






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    Aww, we had a great time!

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