14.5 Weeks

Late again as usual – so this is actually being “back posted” to a more accurate date. I am sure you all will be understanding! Everything continues to go well. Slight dizziness has showed up as a new symptom, but only in a few hour spells and only twice in the last week. It continues to be a very blessed and easy pregnancy, something both Oliver and I are very grateful for! Without further adieu …

14 1/2 week bump


See you next week for “apple baby”!

<3 Tara and Oliver






3 responses to “14.5 Weeks”

  1. annie Avatar

    SOOOOOOO CUTE! both of you!

  2. Tina Avatar

    My husband’s stepmom got so dizzy once that she passed out into a trash can (rear first) while talking to a parent. Said parent was totally flipped out because she thought she had over stressed the prego teacher!

    1. Tara Avatar

      Oh my word! Haha! The other night when I was making one of my million trips to the bathroom, I got dizzy halfway into the short trek across the bedroom, tipped over and slammed into the high dresser. Sporting a nice bruise from that one! 🙂

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