This will be a very “clean” post (har..har..har…) – all about the absolute showering of gifts we’ve received already for squishy. We’ve been so surprised that the little “orange” is already so very loved by those around us! From the day people found out, we’ve been showered with amazing gifts for us AND for squishy. Below are just some of the gifts we’ve received from the circle of people we know will love this child with all their hearts.


So much love for such a small squishy!

Whooooooo’s Whooooo of the Gift Givers 🙂
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Another special gift we’ve received have been so many people praying for us and sharing in our excitement! My bump may be tiny, but it’s still exciting when people say they notice it. When people rejoice with us in the blessings of this baby, it warms our hearts. And when people ask us about our nursery theme, our plans once baby arrives, and my symptoms we are SO excited to share our updates again and again. I can’t walk through church without at least 3 people stopping to ask about Squishy, and I get daily to weekly texts from friends and family checking up on me. Thank you everyone – you are making this time even more blessed and joyous for us!!

What are some of the most memorable gifts you received at a special time in your life?

<3 Tara and Oliver






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  1. annie Avatar

    hm. well…memorable gifts for me. well, i’ve actually been thinking about one i have not received yet. kevin has been talking diamonds for my 30th birthday LOL! saraya and adam gave jesse a crib they had which was a huge blessing to us. and for haydee, a gold baby bangle. in fact, pretty much everything she owns has been a gift. the artwork in her room–the walls being painted by her grandparents…and the kindlefire from kevins grandparents. that has been a great gift for all of us to enjoy music and videos together as a family. 🙂

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