Tummy Talk

I have quite a few apps on my phone that give me daily, weekly and/or monthly updates on Squishy. Tuesday is the “beginning” of the week for Squishy’s developmental milestones, so every Tuesday Oliver gets an announcement from me regarding Squishy’s size. Yesterday it was “Squishy is an APPLE!!” Oliver was a little skeptical, struggling to see how an apple could be bigger than an orange (last week). So I decided to give him a little visual from the grocery store last night (via text) …

See? Apples ARE bigger!


And as if he needed further proof, I provided a small demonstration!

It would be the perfect fit!

In other good news, the “flutters” are beginning. I wasn’t sure at first – but Squishy is moving! It woke me up in the middle of the night Monday when I thought something was tapping on my stomach. Want to talk “panic”?! I woke up quickly and tried to brush whatever what dancing on my abdomen OFF… only I couldn’t! It was coming from “inside”! When I woke up this morning I took some time to just lay in bed, not moving and breathing slowly (if anyone knows me and my level of energy… this was NOT easy). Sure enough, about 5-10 minutes into laying there the “flutter” happened again! Both times I have been a tad hungry, which I read is when a lot of people find their “flutters” occur. Guess it’s Squishy’s way of ringing the “breakfast bell”.

Who am I to deny him or her some grub? *smile*

Breakfast of Champions! (AKA “apple baby”)

Have a blessed rest of your day!

<3 Tara and Oliver






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