Ok Baby, REVEAL yourself!

People ask us frequently if we are going to find out the gender of Squishy. When we began this journey over 2 years before this blessing, we were adament against finding out. We wanted to be surprised! Fast-forward over two years and we began to rethink this plan. You see, most couple have to wait 9 months – a year in a half from starting the childbearing process to meeting baby. For us, it will be 3 years by the time we meet this bundle of joy. Considering we are already almost 2 and a half years into this journey, we decided we’ve waited long enough!

And knowing me, you expect me to do anything “easy”?! We’ll be having a small gathering at my parent’s house to reveal to baby’s gender. Now…. this is gutsy considering the appointment is only 2 days prior. But if anyone knows my parents, they know it is WICKED hard to get them both in the same state at the same time. Especially considering daddy lives in Colorado for work now! So I’ll be chugging a Jamba Juice and hoping to make that baby “dance, dance, dance” for the ultrasound tech! But the event may have to be postponed if the baby doesn’t agree …


So mark your calendars for August 18th at 4pm PST!


Although we are keeping this reveal party small, and we live so far from much of our family, we want to include as many people as we can! So here is how you can participate:

  • Send us a picture of you and your family, wearing either “pink” or “blue”, to help us decorate the house with your “votes” (taranicoleslp at gmail dot com)
  • Watch the live stream of our “cake cutting” (come on, you’re shocked we’ll be live streaming this?!) – more details here as the day approaches
  • RSVP for the event here  (no sense in live streaming if no one is watching!)
  • Cast your vote below for a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl!







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