15.5 Weeks

Again, a loverly backdated post … I’m just accepting the fact that this is practice for getting me used to being “late”. I hear that, and lack of sleep, are things I might as well begin to get comfortable with … *shudder*


15 1/2 week bump!


Fun facts about this week

  • People are beginning to reach out and touch the bump… and I love it 🙂
  • I get hiccups when I’m hungry… which means they often wake me up in the morning. Built in alarm clock!
  • We are always keeping some of our favorite quacamole around the house now… since I’m eating it ALL day!
  • We’re almost to the point where Squishy’s ears are fully developed .. the SLP/Audiologist in me is VERY excited about this!
  • We’re scheduling our maternity shoot in early November with some amazing photographers (and good friends) !! Oliver’s response to this: “Is this where we frolic in the woods, touch your belly and look like we’re gazing off, dreaming about our baby’s future??” Haha! YUP!
  • According to Oliver, I have entered the “nesting” phase. I think I just have some energy back and am getting things done. He thinks rearranging 2 rooms, scrubbing all the floors and redecorating half the house is a little extreme to be credited towards “returned energy”. *smile*

Just 3 more weeks will we find out the gender!

<3 Tara & Oliver







3 responses to “15.5 Weeks”

  1. Brandie Avatar

    I think the late will come with the second child but tired yes! Soooo true! Love your naps because they will be few or never after your baby is here.

  2. Brandie Avatar

    I did the same in the second trimester. But I attributed it to the energy because I felt like I was dyeing the whole first trimester and the nesting was way more extremely than what your doing lol :0)

  3. Lizz Avatar

    Reading this my favorite part is where Oliver asks about the photo shoot and if it’s like the ones where you frolic in the woods and touch your tummy. HILARIOUS! Oliver always manages to make me laugh with some of the things he says or how he describes them! Can’t wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl so I can send goodies! =) I’m voting it’s gonna be a girl!

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