Living in a New Room

For some time now I have been wanting to rearrange the living room. This urge occurs every 12-18 months usually. But we had just been talking about my “vision” for the past year, and hadn’t done anything about it. I decided last week was the week we were DOING IT! Part of the motivation is that we were gifted a gorgeous, brand new, brown leather sofa. A wonderful couple (parents to my friend Linda), had bought the sofa, but then decided they just wanted their recliners in the living room. So they were looking to give it to us. Oliver and I were contemplating purchasing it from them when we received a call that they were GIVING it to us! Not only was this an overwhelming gift for our home, it was just the kick in the pants we needed to rearrange the living room and make space for it!

Wednesday, Curtis came over while Oliver was at work and helped me clear out some rooms, get furniture out of the living room and move around the furniture that was staying in the living room.That evening our friends Wedny and Bryan came over to help us move some other furniture, and Oliver moved a different couch into the living room (yes… we now own 3 couches…).

Curtis helping undo the “old” set-up of our living room…



Oliver moving a couch in (and a couch is right in front of me too…)


Once we had “space”, we were able to spend the next day picking up the couch and bringing it over to our house. Sadly, I don’t have pictures of this – but for good reason! Our friends Reuben and Ranfrey (brother-in-laws) were able to come out and help us move the sofa. However, Ranfrey’s wife was working, so I was interpreter for Ranfrey. Kinda difficult to sign AND snap photos at the same time 🙂 But they did AWESOME and soon the new couch was in! My next idea was to cover the couch Oliver moved (above) with a brown cover to coordinate it.

“Easy as 7 steps” – great!


Liars…. I broke a sweat! A Masters degree and I can’t figure out a stupid couch cover?!


Once I succeeded at the couch cover (like I would let it beat me…), Oliver had to wire up the TV again, and try out the new couch…

Fun fact about houses built in the 60s … no overhead lights and ONE 3 prong outlet per room




SUCCESS!!! The living room is done! …. Well, almost. I have a big wall I need to decorate and throw pillows to brighten up the room 🙂

Couches… (the leather couch is where the TV used to be)


The TV set-up (next to the stairs)


Where the couch USED to be (and where the playpen will go!) … the weird tile in the middle of the wood floor is a loooooooong story. Just know, we didn’t do it!


A little bonus … the newest addition to our “family story” set-up… dating, engaged, married, BABY!!!


I love how many times my dog  photo bombed this post 🙂

<3 Tara & Oliver






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