A Model in the Making

That’s right – Squishy is going to be a model! Now before you start setting high expectations that he’ll be the cutest babby EVER born (not that we are denying that…), let me explain.

Real Options is a local pregnancy clinic here in our area. Real Options offers pregnancy tests followed by an ultrasound, free of charge, to expectant moms without insurance (Planned Parenthood charges for pregnancy tests and rarely provides ultrasounds). They then provide the women with ALL of their options – birth, abortion, adoption or keeping their child. It is a Christian based organization, but their focus is to support the women and make sure they have all of the medical facts before making their final decision, and offer support no matter the decision. If the moms choose to give birth, Real Options provides them with the care they need through their pregnancy and afterwards. This includes prenatal vitamins, check-ups, referrals to doctors in the area, clinics, etc. If they choose abortion, they offer follow up counseling and support groups if they find they need that (though Real Options does not perform any abortions).

Every year, Real Options does a fundraiser for new equipment and funding for their facilities. To show the amazing impact of ultrasounds, they perform a live ultrasound on the big screens in the banquet hall. Well, our very own Squishy has been selected to be their “model” for the fundraiser. Well… if he’ll behave. You see, we have to go in every 2 weeks to take a quick ultrasound “peek” to see where he likes to “hang out” and if he’s in a good position for a view of his face. Apparently donors REALLY like to see the baby’s face. Our son it a little camera shy (did NOT get that from either of us!) – every time we have peeked at him, he is curled up, face down, butt up in the air. How he maneuvers such powerful kicks from that position is beyond me! The ultrasound tech tried to nudge him a little wiht the probe to see how cooperative he was to moving for us. He kicked the probe. *shakes head* Then they tried to get a view from another angle, to see if they could catch his face, and he threw his hands in front of his face and shook it away from the probe. I think he gets the stubborness from me … *sheepish grin*

So we have two more checks to see if he’ll cooperate, or if they will need to find a different baby… but we did get to keep a few shots!

Crossed ankles …


Knobby knees


Hands under his chin (just like how daddy sleeps)


His face!! (had to snap this one upside down… so you could see him right side up!)


<3 Tara and Oliver







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