Happy for “Nothing”

Baby Boy kicks all day, usually quieting in the afternoon to take his “nap”. He kicks anything goes across my tummy, so it’s a good way to induce a kick if Oliver wants to feel him. Just yesterday morning I woke up to Oliver’s hand creeping under the blankets and over to my tummy. A short bit later baby kicked and Oliver sighed happily, “Ok, now I can begin my day!”. [I love that man!] It’s reassuring to feel baby and be able to predict him throughout my day. I know now when “quiet” is normal, and when “loud” is normal too. I know when he’s just playing (shortly after I eat) or frustrated (the seat belt is on). This predictability was extremely reassuring last night when we were sent to the ER.

I had my monthly check-up yesterday morning, but due to a problem with the front desk staff, it was rescheduled and messed up my schedule for the day (Tuesdays – Thursdays are a “tight ship” around here with those being days I am also seeing clients). Oliver wasn’t able to stay either, which was REALLY frustrating for me. The office was ALSO under construction. Long of the short – it was chaos. By the time I was into my appointment, I was completely disheveled  and had completely forgotten about my list of questions/concerns. I did get an apology from the clinic director about the front desks oops, which was nice. But it wasn’t till much later in the day when I realized I hadn’t had a chance to ask my doctors about some weird symptoms. And as the day went on, those symptoms got more intense. I’d been having some cramping/pain in my low abdomen and some electric “shocks”. The abdomen pain was getting more intense and the “zings” were happening one after another. A call to the nurseline came with the advice that we should go to the ER. Up to that point I had wanted to wait till this morning and then e-mail my doctor, but once that advice came I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep until I had (there may have been a good cry in there somewhere too…).

It’s amazing how quickly you move through the ER when the words “22 weeks pregnant’ come out of your mouth. We were sent immediately upstairs to labor and delivery because they wanted to check on Squishy first. That was both nerve wrecking AND reassuring. They quickly put us on a fetal heart monitor and uterine monitor. They found baby’s heart beat going strong which was reassuring. And then, as if to say “I’m ok mom!”, he began kicking the heart monitor (it was on a strap across my tummy – which he HATES!). Oliver could hear the kicks (a first) through the heart monitor, which they had broadcasting through speakers into the room. He just would NOT stop kicking it until they took it off. Once in a while he would get distracted by the umbilical cord, grab it, drop his heartrate, then let it go and begin kicking again. We were soon giggling despite the circumstances … I think he’s going to bring us many laughs in the years to come *smile*

When all was said and done, they are running some tests to see if I have an infection. The monitors picked up “irritability” in my uterus – which indicates something is up, but it wasn’t anything too serious. We were cleared to go home and rest, with the strict instructions for me to rest all day today until they get the results back and until the pain subsides.

We are so happy for “nothing” – God is good!






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  1. Bree Avatar

    Here’s to hoping it is still nothing and that you feel better quickly! Hugs to you both. <3

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