Down and out!

As many of you have read already, my back problems have been amplified by the squish. Physical therapy 3x a week is helping, but sleeping is still quite painful (whoever thought they would describe sleep that way, and so early in a pregnancy!). They have a pillow they put me on at PT that does wonders for the pain but at $400, its not going to be seen in my house anytime soon. So last night, while shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond, I decided to try and recreate the support through various other pillows.


Its quite the concoction we have going on! Four pillows under my head, a wedge pillow from under my arm to my hip for tummy/back support and a special pillow for between my knees. But I woke up with minimal back pain this morning, which is a nice change! I think it will take a few nights to get it right (my hand must have fallen asleep 4-5 times during the night!) but it is a step in the right direction! Soon I’ll be “down and out for the count” sleeping through the night pain free again! Baby seems somewhat confused by the change in my sleeping orientation. He is ALWAYS curled on in the bottom of the abdomen, kicking down low. I was startled when I woke up this morning to him kicking my diaphragm! Someone must have gotten turned around last night. *smile* We’re headed in the right direction! (Even if baby is feeling directionally challenged!) – Tara






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