Mini adventures

Well this week has held a few of its own bumps and bruises, but we are still going strong! Tuesday I realized how “alien” my own body really is to me when I went to sit down and only caught the edge of the chair. This resulted in me crashing to the ground with the chair close behind for a good whack in the head. And two clients staring on horrified. Except for some bruising and soreness, we are both ok … and MUCH more careful when sitting down!

This morning was the dreaded glucose test. Due to an alarm oops, bad traffic, poor communication between the lab and my doctor and being informed that I had to have the TWO hour test… baby and I went 16 hours without food. I’ve heard from a lot of moms that their babies get rowdy after they eat. Not so with baby boy, he gets rowdy when we’re hungry! So he was dancing like crazy through the whole test! Thank goodness for one of my besties, who arrived on the scene with food as soon as we were released – to my surprise it was my current FAVORITE lunch! <_3 happy="happy" sigh="sigh" p="p">Tonight is the fundraiser where they will be live broadcasting a 3D ultrasound of squishy’s adorable face. Please pray he cooperates!

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  1. Wendy Avatar

    Tonight is gonna go great! Squishy saving lives already! Proud of you mama!

  2. Evelyn Jeanne Shaw Avatar

    Impressive publish! STICK WITH IT!

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