Celebrating a Life

This past Saturday was filled with blessings beyond measure! My mother hosted a beautiful baby shower for me, with the help of some of her friends and some of mine. She really wanted my input into the shower, so it was wonderful to see it  all come together and feel that it really represented who I am *smile* The people who contributed to the shower went above and beyond. Kelly came down from Marin the day before to help with prep, stay the night and help out all day at the shower. Wendy and her mother-in-law presented a fabulous idea for quilt guest book, which Wendy then helped implement. Kaitlyn greeted everyone at the door, as she is the one person in my life with the most connections to the multiple facets of my social world. Kathleen, Yasue and Karin all worked tirelessly the day of the shower to make sure set-up, tear down and clean-up went quickly and painlessly! Ashley and Chelsea ran around snapping pictures, making sure to preserve the memories of the day for me. And my mom – I can’t even begin to talk about all the wonderful things she did. She spent weeks working to prep everything to be “just right”. From digging through her book collection, renting a beautiful space at the Larkspur Hotel, staying up late cooking… she made sure it was a perfect day! And to everyone who was able to attend – thank you for doing your part of having fun and relaxing! I can’t tell you how many times I just stood, looking around the room, seeing smiles, hearing laughs and watching everyone being so creative for our little boy! I get teary eyed right now just thinking back to it.


A peek into the party!
(Click on image for larger view!)


All images can be found here.

Thank you to everyone who has, is and continues to shower this baby boy with love. We’ve dreamed of these events for so long while we waited on God’s timing for us to finally overcome infertility and welcome him – and you all are making these moments that much more precious!

<3 Tara and Oliver






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