I am completely overwhelmed by the continued outpouring of love we’ve received. I spent yesterday recouping from all the weekend excitement and unloading all the gifts from the car. Oliver and I are completely speechless as the wonderful and thoughtful gifts people gave to our bundle. We’ve read through every note in every book for baby. Some made us laugh, some made us “awwwwww” and some made us (ok… me) cry. They will be beautifully displayed on the wall  in his room, and we will be able to read the messages to him each time we read that special book. I’m sure many of them will become fast favorites!


*shocked* Our baby is so loved!


While relaxing yesterday, I began sorting through all the clothes baby boy had received. Although his wardrobe has yet to put mine to shame, he has definitely outdone his daddy!  I sorted first by size, then by type to see what we were still short on. Can you believe we are short on almost nothing when it comes to clothes until baby boy is a year old?! It’s amazing! Right now I just need to shop for a jacket or two to keep him warm when I’m “baby wearing” during the 0-3 months, and this summer he just needs some shorts! We’ve already begun putting the clothing through the laundry and then we’ll begin putting them away in his room or storing them in the closet for later. We’re thinking of storing them in some of these..

Plastic Bins


How do you store away your seasonal clothing or your little one’s clothing for later?

<3 Tara & Oliver






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