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I have been calling the High Risk OB office for our local office 3 times a day since Friday. I was hitting a wall and not getting through their front desk staff (as a compliment, they do have a great first line of defense…). I finally gave up and called my OB office and talked to my OB’s assistant. She was furious we hadn’t gotten help yet and told me to stay by the phone. Imagine my surprise when my phone rang and it was my OB – from vacation! The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Dr: Hi Tara, this is Dr _______
Me: … oh my goodness! Hi! Aren’t you on vacation?!
Dr: Yes … but you see, every time I go on vacation I tell all my clients to behave themselves. There is ALWAYS one who doesn’t listen 😉
Me: … yeah… guilty…

I explained everything that had happened and she broke it down into three parts for me…

  1. We can probably still give birth at the hospital near our home!
    However …
  2. We will most likely have to give up a LOT of our original birth plan, if only because of the 24/7 heart monitoring that will limit movement, using the tub, etc
  3. She can no longer be our OB, as she is not “high risk”. This one made me tear up, and she was quite upset too… she’s walked with us through this journey, and now won’t be there for the delivery of our miracle.

After the quick rundown, she promised me a call later in the day. By the end of the day we had an appointment scheduled for the 27th with the High Risk OB at our hospital. Yay!

We are continuing to go to her office until the 27th, just so SOMEONE is checking on baby until we make the switch. 36 weeks today … he can make his arrival whenever he chooses!

<3 Tara and Oliver






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