Baby Takes Matters Into His Own Hands

Today we had our weekly check-up at the OB office. Our OB is still on vacation, so we had to meet with someone else in the office. The appointment was very clinical, which was hard  for us. After all we’d been through, we really could have used the warmth and friendliness of our own OB. But we just needed to hear a heartbeat and be on our way. We knew we’d see our own OB on Christmas Eve, before we made the switch to a High Risk OB on Thursday. But were we in for a shock when it came time to hear that quick little heartbeat! Initially they couldn’t find it – this didn’t worry me, as he is an active chap and I knew he was “still in there”. When they brought in the ultrasound we found out why…. he’s flipped over and it now breech. (we just got the “head down” verification last week!)

Apparently all this talk of “fully assisted vaginal birth” didn’t sound great to baby boy either. So he decided to take the option off the table *smile*

We probably won’t qualify for an inversion because of our “high risk’ status … which is really actually fine by me. I watched one on youtube… uhhhh… no. Not happening.

A new “twist” to our decision making process has now occurred!

<3 Tara and Oliver

P.S. Oliver has been using his flashlight app to shine into the bottom of my belly and trying to convince Squishy to flip back over… so far he’ll dance and wiggle for daddy, but no flipping!






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