Another High Risk OB Appointment

Today we had an appointment with the High Risk OB for Good Samaritan, the hospital we WANT to deliver at and where our OB is located. We’re getting used to the process now – show up early, fill out tons of paperwork, make sure they have the reports needed, pee in a cup, get weighed, check blood pressure, finally talk to a human being. We were told we would be talking to the one female OB in the office which was both good news and bad. I am really not comfortable with a male OB, just a personal thing. But we also heard she had the worst bedside manner of the whole practice. We were quite surprised to find out there had been a last minute change and we were seeing a different OB in the clinic, a male (ug!) with some of the BEST bedside manners in the practice (yay!). Upon reading his bio later, we foudn out he actually specializes in high risk pregnancies related to cardiac issues. So he was the PERFECT person to talk to. What he said made our eyes bug out of our heads..

“I see NOTHING wrong with you… the changes noted are typical in many pregnancies… I don’t see why you couldn’t push and have a natural delivery if the cardiologist at Good Sam agrees … “


He won’t even take me on as a patient! Sent me packing right back to my OB! Oliver and I were on cloud nine! All we need is for this baby to flip and we are getting right back on track again! Hurray!

<3 Tara and Oliver






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