Research and a Downer

We are of the mindset that God always has a plan. But we are also NOT people who sit around and wait. We believe God gave us a brain to think and we use it and take actions – always aware that HE is in charge and can veto any actions we take in accordance with His will. I guess you could say we believe “don’t ask God to win the lottery if you aren’t willing to buy a lottery ticket”. With this mindset, we began researching all the natural ways to flip a breached baby (now that we know we can opt OUT of an assisted vaginal delivery AND there is a chance for a natural delivery). All along keeping in mind God can keep Squishy breeched if He wants. There are some crazy ideas out there – but some that at least make sense. In our birthing class they mentioned the site “Spinning Babies” – so we began our research there. We even tried a few ideas including ice, inversion off the couch and laying at an angle…

Just "hanging out"
Just “hanging out”
My view...
My view…


We also went ahead and scheduled an acupuncture appointment. Now don’t get me wrong, we are NOT into “qi” or any of the mystical aspects of acupuncture. But we have seen it work and be effective neurologically for people, and we have preferred non-invasive things for Squishy all along. Interesting fact: by the 2nd or 3rd needle, Squishy went from sound asleep to dancing like a crazy man! He didn’t stop moving until the needles were out, then he slept for HOURS. I didn’t feel him move again for at LEAST 4 hours! Must have been some wild ride for him *smile*


After acupuncture we met up with my parents for lunch and some shopping. While waiting outside a store for my dad I got a call. With all of the random doctors calling me, I’ve quit screening calls and just answer any call that comes in. It was my OB, happy to report that the high risk OB had called and given his opinions of this heart drama and officially gave me back to her as a patient. She was also double checking that I had heard from the cardiologist at Good Sam (appointment set for next Wednesday!) and letting me know about the cardiology anesthesiologist. Apparently he is very well qualified, having been the anesthesiologist for ALL of the heart transplants at UCSF. This is great news … except. This also means he is a bit like the Stanford docs, and can be “over-cautious”. So she is under the impression he does NOT like the idea of a natural birth. *insert HUGE dramatic sigh here* We’ll have to see what the cardiologist says, but it looks like we’re back to assisted or c-section.


It’s like riding an emotional roller coaster I tell ya!

<3 Tara and Oliver






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