Today was a day where I felt like I could finally take a breath. We slept till we woke up, cooked some breakfast, and then went to the late service at church. My mom and I ran a few errands together (baskets for baby’s room, dog food to get us through the next few months, etc) while the boys played on the new x-box and napped. We ended the day with one of my FAVORITE dinners (my mom’s “green chili burros”) and some mindless TV. To top it off I received some sweet facebook messages, had some great conversations with some gals at church and even hung a gift we received in the mail this week..

Our "baby guestbook" - you'll get to sign it with your thumb print if/when you visit him!
Our “baby guestbook” – you’ll get to sign it with your thumb print if/when you visit him!

I am really REALLY enjoying the time I am getting to spend with O this week. Since his company has a “holiday shutdown”, he has been off since the Friday before Christmas. He doesn’t go back to work until Wednesday! We have been quite busy with all the delivery planning and baby room finishing, but just having him around has kept me sane and made me so much happier. I love that man – and I love spending time with him! I’m working hard to cherish the few hours we have left as “just us” before we become “all 3 of us”. I’m sure it will be spectacular, but I know it will be different. So I’m working to solidify the memories of ‘before’ as we head into ‘after’. I’m so happy he is my baby’s daddy 🙂

<3 Tara






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  1. Brandie Avatar

    That time before baby is very important. Doesn’t mean baby is less that you two but its nice to savior the us time. Brian and I had a wonderful last day together before Korbel arrived the next day!! I loved how God planned that all out!

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