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We were scheduled to have a cardiology appointment on Wednesday, but I was woken this morning to my phone buzzing. It was the cardiologist our OB referred us to! She said her assistant had messed up and we were supposed to come in TODAY, not Wednesday. They then gave us an appointment for 1pm. We went to the appointment with great anticipation of what this cardiologist would say, but also quite worried about what would be said. If you recall, all of this drama was started by a cardiologist – so you can’t blame us for being a tad apprehensive. We arrived, did a whole pile of paperwork and then were led to a room. No one else was in the whole office except the nurse and the cardiologist – which seemed a tad odd at the time. We later found out that the office had been closed that day, they opened simply to see us! Wow!

Soon the cardiologist came in and began reading through our file. We both were slightly irritated by this as we just sat and watched her read through the WHOLE file. But what came next made our jaws drop …

“There is nothing wrong with you … you are a normal pregnant woman … this is just craziness that you are even being put through all of this”

Wow! Two appointments in  ROW saying that we are fine?! What was going on?! She apparently trained under the cardiologist who read our echo (not the one creating all the hoopla) and reiterated that there was NOTHING abnormal about our echo. She could find no basis for the craziness being created for us. Not only was she fine being my cardiologist for the labor and delivery, we could have a much less invasive delivery than was being laid out for us. She said we needed minimal to no heart monitoring, could deliver on the maternity floor, stay on the maternity floor post-delivery, c-section if he stays breech or push if he decides to go head down. She would place calls to both the original cardiology team explaining she was taking me on as a patient and to our OB outlining her recommendations. We were hesitantly excited by all of this, knowing nothing is final until the baby is in our arms. We’ve had too many disappointments and promises retracted during this adventure to allow ourselves to believe everything we hear. But this definitely felt like a step in the right direction.

We are in quite a bit of shock… we don’t really know why we’re going through all of this. Is there something going on with my heart? Is my heart normal? We really don’t know. It’s been such an emotional roller coaster. We realize God has a reason for everything, and we’re hanging tightly to that. I don’t really know how we’d survive all of this without that faith. Please continue to lift us up in prayer, as the c-section is still set for January 7th at this point. And please pray that, if it is the Lord’s will, this baby flips head down. If it isn’t His will, that we move forward with this c-section with the peace that there is a reason for that as well.

<3 Tara and Oliver






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