The last week…

This past week is our last week without baby boy a part of our life. I’m a tad addicted to pictures … and document everything. So here is a sneak peek into our last week without baby!


Top to bottom, left to right:

  • baby boy is making it harder to fit into booths at restaurants..
  • with ym sister in town, we’ve had a few fun game nights over at my parents’ house
  • We went to Benihana’s for mom’s birthday… my niece was quite entertained!
  • I went to IKEA for the last of my “nesting” items .. and a good walk as well!
  • As we assemble items, “Fred” has been our test dummy. He is a doll my grandma gave me before my brother was born 24 years ago!
  • We took my niece shopping with my mom’s friend. She was quite entertained emptying every contained she could!
  • My sister and I were quite entertained at the “double standard” we found throughout the mall..  It looks like someone stole his pants and left him in his argyle socks while the chicks are busy fulfilling fantasies.
  • I’ve begun work changing my burlap Christmas wreath for our next celebration – baby boy!
  • My niece loves crawling between my legs. Leaving me with the view of one cousin underneath another!
  • My FINAL physical therapy appointment pre-baby … three times a week since July and then suddenly we’re done! Time for baby!
  • Some dear girlfriends came over and helped me organize some of my craft room – the goodies I found! Including my flashcards from grad school!
  • This lotion has been AMAZING the last month and a half – here’s hoping my feet remediate themselves once baby isn’t on board and this lotion can be retired until the next little one!
  • My pregnancy shoes – elastic straps, slip on breathable and good support for my feet. These have been my best friends the past few months!
  • Pedicures with my sister before D-day! And yes.. those are packing peanuts between my toes. Looks like the economy has even effected the nail salon!

Sunday night I’ll post another collage, from our final weekend with “baby on board”. And this will be the place to find pictures and updates on Monday!

<3 Tara and Oliver







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