He’s Arrived!

Liam John MacKinnon Roehl arrived at 12:57pm on January 14th. Daddy and mommy were both able to be in the OR together, holding hands and awaiting his arrival. He was a true breech, feet clear over his head and butt first. As our amazing OB brought him into the world we heard shocked phrases such as “wow! What a big baby!”. Later he was weighed in at 9lbs 7 ounces at just 20″ long. Shortly thereafter he demonstrated amazing lung capacity, again shocking everyone in the OR. Daddy was able to stay near him while they wiped him off and swaddled him. A nurse brougt him over to mommy to see. The anesthesiologist took him from the nurses arms and placed him on mommy’s chest, allowing her to stroke his cheek and say hi before they took him away.

It wasn’t our dream delivery, but it is the child we have always dreamed of. And THAT is what matters. He is a great eater, very alert, and clearly knows mommy’s voice and daddy’s touch. He sleeps in 2-4 hour stretches right now, giving mommy time to recover and daddy time to acclimate.

We are so VERY in love!


<_3 tara="tara" and="and" oliver="oliver" p="p">P.S. full birth story coming at a later date… God orchestrated so many events and His hand was clearly on our little man. We felt your prayers and thank you for covering us. It’sbeen an amazing 24 hours! And Tara’s heart performed perfectly!







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