6 week change

Liam is 6 weeks old now, and so much has already changed. Of course he looks different and has learned so many new skills. But life is demanding I return to the “real world” as well. There are things demanding my attention, so I have to begin the struggle every mom hits – balancing life. Our typical morning routine is:

  • Liam chatters and fusses in his swing for about an hour
  • Daddy then gets up and changes his diaper
  • I feed him for about 45 minutes while doing my bible study
  • Mommy changes the next diaper
  • Mommy and Liam have story time and singing time
  • Liam takes a nap on mommy’s lap or against her chest

This morning I had a few things to do and actully had the energy to get them done. So I set Liam down in his swing for about 10 minutes. When I came back, he’d slipped into his morning nap and was dozing pecefuly. This may sound like freedom – he’s happily asleep and I’m free to move around! But actually, it was sad. I adore his morning naps on me! But I also know they have to become fewer as I prepare to begin seeing clients again.

And it breaks my heart.

<3 Tara






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