Parenting Crazies

The Parenting Crazies – it’s those words and/or actions we do for the good of our child. Ok, sometimes it’s simply for the good of our sanity. But if you think about it, our kids fair MUCH better when we are sane. So all in all, it’s really for them.

I’ve had many of these moments in Liam’s short life. The things I’ve said and done to keep him happy, out of pain, calm… to keep myself sane, calm, persevering … oh there are too many to count. But the other night was a real doosey.

If you’re my “friend” on facebook, you may have noticed a recent post in which I made it publicly known that I’m at a crisis point with Liam and his car seat. He really hates the car seat, to epic proportions. Not just fussing, crying, general crankiness. I mean turning purple, gurgling, screaming till he has no voice, HATES it. And quite frankly, it’s killing my sanity. I dread every time I put him in the car. Thursday, as I left the office to go meet my mom for dinner, he screamed the whole 20 minute car ride. I called my hubby to have him distract me because I seriously was ready to pull over and walk the rest of the way.

Here is where the parenting crazies moment kicks in…

I walked home from dinner. No joke. It took me so long to settle him down in the restaurant that I just couldn’t stomach putting him back in the car seat. Granted, we were only a mile from home, but I totally left my car there. I just could NOT do it, I’d reached my limit.

What’s really hilarious? I took this photo on the way home…


All smiles now!

You’d have no idea this child had just been ballistic a half hour earlier. I guess he was just reassuring me that it was a good choice to walk home.*wry smile* This is a clear example of what you see on facebook isn’t always the WHOLE story…

So, tell me about your “parent crazies” moment … 

♥ Tara






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