Tried and True: Seven Sling

*”Tried and True” will be an on going thread where I will be reviewing the products we have tried out in our lives as parents!*


If you had asked me about this sling just 3 days ago, I would have told you I hated it. Yes, HATED it. And I don’t hate a lot. But it was confusing, sat funny on me and I couldn’t get Liam comfortable in a kangaroo hold. But I decided to give it another try on Friday. Why, you ask? For the most vain reason of all – it went with my cute “beach trip” outfit. No joke. I’d bought this cute dress at Target, had a teal scarf for up in my hair and the Seven Sling was going to be SO much cuter (and cooler) than my Ergo, Balboa Sling or Ring Sling.

The first thing I had to figure out was how to wear it. It’s a loop, but with a slight angle to it. In my opinion, the instructions are useless. I could figure them out, if I wanted to put the time and effort into it. But what new mom has time? Or any energy for effort? So I went to be babywearing best friend … Youtube. That’s where I found this video:

I have no idea who she made the video for, but apparently 40,000+ people have found it useful! I know I did! (By the way, I am creating a babywearing playlist of all my favorite videos, if you are interested! Click here!)

As I mentioned, I wanted to use this cute sling on a beach trip I took this past Friday with my bestie to visit our ear friend and former co-worker. I brought my boyfriend, BOB, along as well. But sometime Liam just gets sick of looking at people’s knees. So, partway through the day I pulled him out and dropped him into the Seven Sling.


  • It allows him to sit on my hip, which he likes anyways
  • SO thin, it really is super cool for BOTH of us
  • Adorable!
  • Rolls up super super small
  • Cheap/Free (no joke… keep reading!)


  • NO support, which means you can’t wear it for long period of time
  • Even when you know how to wear it, it sits funky on you
  • I still need to offer Liam a bit of support with my arm, but not consistently

Besides being super cute, the BIGGEST perk for me is how tiny it rolls up. I mean, seriously, I could never get even my ring sling or Balboa THIS small…


So it is now a STAPLE in my diaper bag. No matter what, I always have a carrier on me. This just takes up WAY less room and works in a pinch!

The other thing I really love is the price. I only paid shipping. Yep, you read that right! And Seven is a part of a couple of companies, so after you purchase your sling, you’ll be given a coupon for either a free car seat canopy or udder cover. Purchase from the next site, a free code for ANOTHER product. It’s a never ending cycle! I don’t have a car seat cover (didn’t car for any of theirs) but I do have 3 of their “udder covers” and then this sling. Here area few of the codes I have rounded up that SHOULD still work (I tested a few..). None include shipping, that’s extra and probably the REAL price per item. But hey a deal is a deal!

  • Seven Slings
    • Free sling: PJBABY – FREE – ONEFREE – ENBABY – FAMIMLY2011
  • Udder Covers
    • Free cover: PJBABY – VALENTINE – FREE
  • Car Seat Canopy
    • Free car sear canopy:  PJBABY – BABYTIPS – FAMILY2012

Overall Rating: ✰✰✰ 3/5 Stars

❤ Tara






4 responses to “Tried and True: Seven Sling”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Loving these posts. I got a baby K’tan and am excited to try that out! 🙂

    1. Tara Avatar

      I haven’t ever tried one of those – though I have read a lot about them. For the hotter states I’ve heard great things about the Boba Air (even people taking it in the water!) and mesh slings! I’ll eventually get through reviewing all of my stash. I have an ergo, snuggly, backpacking pack, moby, balboa sling, maya ring sling, this Seven sling and soon a Tula. I am currently attempting to tackle wrapping… not sure it’s “love” yet 🙂

  2. Creedance Avatar

    Thank you so much for sharing the discount codes for the Seven sling! I just ordered one and it took $40 off of the total.. Awesome!! I’m having my 4th baby soon and have never used a baby carrier of any kind. Living in Florida where it’s HOT I decided to try the Seven sling because they seem to involve less material than other slings and looks like it will be a lot cooler!

    1. Tara Avatar

      I’m so glad they worked for you! Enjoy! As I mentioned in another comment, I’ve heard some GREAT things about the Boba Air for the hotter climates! (It even does well when taken in the water some say!)

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