Tried and True: [Apron Style] Nursing Covers

*”Tried and True” will be an on going thread where I will be reviewing the products we have tried out in our lives as parents!*

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Let me begin with a small disclaimer. If you nurse in public, ok! If you don’t like nursing in public, ok! If you prefer to be covered while nursing, ok! If you don’t prefer to be covered while nursing, ok! Get my drift? Whatever is comfortable for you, works! I don’t care where I am while nursing, but I prefer to be covered. I’m just that way naturally – I’m not comfortable in bikinis, spaghetti strap tank tops, etc. Again, nothing wrong with all of those. I’m just not comfortable! So, I do what is comfortable for me, and encourage you to do what’s comfortable for you!

That all being said, I *love” my nursing covers. Nursing covers come in many styles. Shawls, scarves, sleeved, wraps … I’m slowly adding to my collection and trying many out. But currently I have 3 “Apron style” covers, and I am never anywhere without at least one of them. The funniest part is that second I pull one out, Liam gets *really* excited. He knows what they mean!

What I love about Apron Style Nursing Covers:

  • Rigid neckline – peek in on baby and see when learning to “latch”
  • Hang around your neck because, trust me, it is impossible to keep a blanket up. Especially when they get more active! (Liam now loves to hang on the rigid neckline… I’d be totally exposed if it was just a blanket!)
  • Protects the baby from the elements. And your… um… err… “goods” are protected as well! It gets “nippy” out there!
  • Great as a “sun shade” when babywearing too!

My stash…

Simple By Au Lait
Simple By Au Lait


  • 100% Linen – breathes yet doesn’t “feel” thin and certainly not see through
  • Organic – because babies chew on everything.
  • Little “pockets” in the corners – great for hiding your nipple pads!
  • One pocket is terry cloth – great for wiping up spillage and dribble!
  • Available on Amazon
  • Rating: ✰✰✰✰ 4/5 Stars


The Peanut Shell
The Peanut Shell


  • Part of a line – I have matching burp clothes and diaper pouch
  • Pockets in the corners for those nursing pads
  • Pockets are made from soft cotton for wiping precious chins
  • Thick cotton, keeps baby warm out in the elements!
  • Available on Amazon
  • Rating: ✰✰✰✰ 4/5 Stars


Udder Cover
Udder Cover


  • Really thin – extremely light and breathable
  • Folds up very small
  • Available using the codes at the bottom of this post
  • Available on Amazon
  • Rating: ✰✰✰ 3/5 Stars



My Simple and Peanut Shell covers are by far my favorites. I really love them, even if they are a bit bulkier to carry around. The Udder Cover, although smaller, is really quite thin and the neck strap slips loose a lot. What I love about all of them is that most of the time, people just think I am covering a sleeping baby (though yes, some people do know what I am doing…). I’ve even had a client’s dad peek down the cover before, thinking Liam was napping … aawwwkkkwwwaaarrrddd. BUT, it means people aren’t gawking. And I am comfortable walking around, feeding my blessing, without baring skin. Just the way I like it!

Overall Rating: ✰✰✰✰ 4/5 Stars

And they have some other fun uses too …

Hubby sun shade ...
Hubby sun shade …


Dress up items for my adorable niece ...
Dress up items for my adorable niece …


As your Supermom cape because, let's face it, you are one!
As your Supermom cape because, let’s face it, you are one!

❤ Tara






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