Tried and True: Moby Wrap

Tried and True: Moby Wrap

The very first wrap I received (as well as used) was my Moby Wrap. Made from a cotton jersey material, it is soft and stretchy. It really cuddles baby and keeps them feeling secure. However, when you first open it, many are overwhlemed by the 5.5 meters (over 18 feet) of cloth. Here is the inside scoop on the Moby:

  • For babies 8-35 lbs
  • Made from natural cotton material
  • Able to be worn on the front and the hip, but not the back
  • Great instructions available on their site.
  • Extremely soft for wrapping up that little one
  • Comfy enough to wear when baby isn’t in it
  • Keeps people’s hands off baby and their little head supported
  • Gentle against a sore mommy – important after my c-section!
  • A “gateway” into wrapping with woven wraps
  • I found it was only good until about 20 lbs – then we needed more support!
  • No structural support, and you can only wrap it so tight due to it’s stretchy-ness
  • Complicated (at first) to figure out – resulting in a lot of people “giving up”
  • Can feel too warm for people who run “hot” or during warm months.
  • Practice on your own BEFORE trying it with baby – se a stuffed animal!
  • Give it more than one try – it takes practice and is a new experience. Your baby may cry, may fall asleep, may not sit right. Cut yourself some slack and try again later!
  • Don’t EVER use a stretchy wrap on your back – it is VERY dangerous! It won’t hold the baby tight, which means they could lean back and flip out!
  • When wearing a baby, always make sure their chin isn’t on their chest, you can feel/see them breathing, nothing is obstructing their face and that they have a good seat!

Overall, I think it is a great first wrap for new mommies! It’s even better if they have someone to show them how to use it while being their cheerleader. It gave me a lot more confidence to have it demo’d and when I was provided guided practice!

Overall Rating: ✰✰✰✰ 4/5 Stars

You’ll see some action shots of my Moby tomorrow!

❤ Tara

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