[the] Fam’s 5 Faves: Babywearing (in the heat!)

[The] Fam's 5 Faves: Babywearing (in the heat)
[The] Fam’s 5 Faves: Babywearing (in the heat) by tararoehl on Polyvore

A floppy hat is great for covering baby’s head, especially when they don’t want the hood up!

I love my Arctic Chill Towel! I wear it between baby and me. The key to keeping baby cool is to NOT let them get damp! This towel does the trick!

Those legs hanging out are ripe for burning! These leg covers have UV protection and are cooler than most leg garments!

Some good sunscreen is important on that precious baby skin! This stuff is greasy, but does the job!

Something cold to chew on is a great way to help baby regulate their temp. Hang this frozen toy from the loops on your carrier!
And here is a slightly ridiculous, haphazardly thrown together video of how I use my arctic chill/frogg togg towel to keep Liam cool while babywearing!

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