Tried & True: Braun Forehead Thermometer

voxbox-blogimage-popup2Shortly before we moved into our new house, a box arrived for me. Imagine my surprise when it was a Braun Forehead Thermometer to test out on the family! Although the product was provided for free to me, all the opinions below are my own.

Triedd and True: Braun Forehead Thermometer |

Previously we’ve used a medical grade forehead thermometer which required a PhD to operate. We’d recently resorted back to the underarm for temps, which upset Pip to NO end. You’d think we were torturing him! So, I was very excited to test this forehead thermometer out! Sadly, we got the opportunity to test it out too soon – as Pip  caught the flu over Christmas, spiking fevers of up to 104.


  • Compact!
    It fits in the palm of my hand and is quite lightweight
  • Fairly Accurate
    Testing it against my underarm thermometer, I got pretty consistent results!
  • Easy!
    And in case you forget, the directions are ON the thermometer! No need to go looking for the booklet!
  • Backlit
    For those middle of the night temp checks – it not only is backlit, but the light corresponds to the temp (red for a fever, orange for too warm, green for ok!)
  • Quick!
    It only takes a few moments, which is good. Sick babies are irritable! Here is a short clip of me taking Pip’s temperature today:


  • Beeps
    As it takes the temperature, it beeps. Although not extremely loud, it did disturb the baby when in a light sleep.
  • No Case
    I would have loved a labelled case for storing it in – Therefore I could find it at a glance while keeping it safe!

As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons for us! We really love this one and it is easily our “go to” thermometer now – especially since Pip is a fan too!

– Tara

Note: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes






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