Co-op Fun: Fall Books!

I’m going to go ahead and say it. I do NOT like how my library organizes the children’s book section. I get that seeing the covers can work well for the littles. But as an SLP, homeschool mom and co-op host… it’s a nightmare! So, I cheat. I go on and request all the books I need for each unit (sometimes using my card, my husbands card and even Pip’s to get enough!). Therefore they are all waiting on a pretty little shelf for me when we show up at the library each week! #winning

But seriously, we get a LOT of books…

I'm the #SLPmom & co-op host that reserves 40+ fall themed books from our local library system. Tell me I'm not the only one? Haha! We have had so much fun reading through them all and finding a few new favorites – we may be buying our own copies of some! Just this morning we sat and read 18 of them together while curled up on the couch… Pretending it isn't 80° outside! #slpeeps #homeschool

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Some our favorites from this batch have been We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt

Fall Mixed Up
(better for older kids!)

Another really fun one. A bit over my 2.5 year olds head, but he got that it was silly! It has lots of mixed up sentences that are great for language comprehension… "Scarecrows stand guard over candy corn sprouts. Milkweed pods open, and monarchs fly out " #slpeeps #homeschool

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Secrets of the Apple Tree
(if you haven’t seen this flashlight series by Usborne, you’re missing out! If you decide to buy any books by Usborne, please consider buying it through our fundraiser – your purchase gives books to our school in Rwanda!)

This book is SO MUCH FUN! Each page has hidden pictures that you find by shining a flashlight from behind the page. It is full of fun information about fall and opportunities to make "smart guesses" about what is hiding before using the flashlight to reveal the surprise. #slpeeps #homeschool

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and Tap the Magic Tree
(we loved this one so much we bought it!)

This one took the cake today… So so so much fun and extremely interactive! It practices following directions with increasingly creative vocabulary. As you turn each page, you watch a tree go through the seasons. But more than just watch, the kids "help" the tree by tapping, rubbing, shaking, etc the tree, then turning the page to see what their action caused to happen! Definitely buying our own copy of this one! #slpeeps #homeschool

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What are some of your favorite books?








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