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  • International Babywearing Week: My Stash

    For day 1 of International Babywearing Week (but day 7 of our babywearing series here!) I thought I’d offer a “peek” into my “stash”. It isn’t complete – a wrap will be added very soon! But for now, here is where it stands… Moby Wrap Seven Sling Ergo Performance Peanut Shell [vintage] Snugli Balboa Sling…

  • [The] Fam’s 5 Faves: Babywearing

    1. Standard Tula in Grey Chevron 2. Ergo Performance 3. Maya Ring Sling 4. Balboa Sling 5. Boba Air ❤ Tara

  • Babywearing: Knee-to-knee

    When babywearing, position is REALLY important. Many Soft Structured Carriers (SSCs) come with “infant inserts” that you use until your new bundle of joy is “big enough”. But what exactly is “big enough”? For a legs out position, “big enough” is when the carrier goes “knee-to-knee”. Knee-to-knee is when their legs not only poke out…