International Babywearing Week: My Stash

For day 1 of International Babywearing Week (but day 7 of our babywearing series here!) I thought I’d offer a “peek” into my “stash”. It isn’t complete – a wrap will be added very soon! But for now, here is where it stands…

International Babywearing Week: My Stash, October 2013 |
  1. Moby Wrap
  2. Seven Sling
  3. Ergo Performance
  4. Peanut Shell
  5. [vintage] Snugli
  6. Balboa Sling
  7. Maya Ring Sling
  8. Standard Tula
  9. Infantino Sash Wrap (Mei Tai)
  10. Boba Air

Only two of my carriers don’t have images for the stash. A stretch swim wrap made by a mom (I bought it from it’s second owner, through a Bay Area mom swap) and one of my vintage carriers (bought through the same swap).

Friday I posted about our 5 favorites from this stash. But I’ve used almost all of them for different reasons and different places – love them all! I’ll be going into more specifics with tomorrow’s Tried & True update and I’ll give you more of what to look for in a carrier with Thursday’s post.

Until then – goodnight!

❤ Tara



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