The Party is a GO!

That’s right… Baby Roehl “revealed” him or herself to the ultrasound tech while keeping the news from us – just PERFECT!

(L to R) Chugging a Jamba Juice to encourage the baby to MOVE, the card the tech “checked”, our “top secret envelope”, me and the envelope in front of the bakery!


I recorded a quick message for you all…  It become more and more breathtaking and real as we get further down this road – it REALLY IS HAPPENING! God ALWAYS keeps His promises, and His timing is ALWAYS perfect. So … excuse the tears! *smile*


In other news, we have been working to prepare for this weekend. A few people will be at the house with us, some will be watching via webcam, and others will be watching the recording later. But, me being me, we couldn’t do it without a LITTLE over the top-ness!

Crafty Crafting!

Love you all – can’t wait for Saturday!

Love, Tara (and Oliver!)







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