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  • Birds: Week One

    Birds: Week One

    Our plan for week one of our Bird Unit Study, including music, STEAM. literacy and fine motor activities.

  • Birds: Folk

    Birds: Folk

    Folk songs infuse beauty, fun, history and culture into your learning space. Little Bird Little Bird is a perfect song for this month’s unit study!

  • Gaming: Koala Capers

    My mom stumbled upon this game on Zulily a few months ago. She thought it looked perfect for Pip. Sure enough! He loves it! Caption reads: A lot of people ask how I adapt and play games with Pip (who turns three in January). This is a sneak peak of a game we just opened…

  • WBW: My view

    When nursing, your view is sometimes pretty limited. Since learning how to breastfeed Liam in the baby carrier (read: STEEP learning curve) my view has improved. But with a bad back, sometimes I just need to sit and rest myself. Here are some of my views … 99% of the time, when I nurse at…

  • Taking Some Peeks!

    So sorry it has been so long between posts. Really, nothing much eventful has been happening (thank goodness!). I do have belly shots from the past two weeks, but they are on hubby’s phone and he hasn’t sent them to me yet *hint hint!* Tomorrow he is 25 weeks – if born now he would…

  • Watching Soccer

    Boy, oh boy, do we have a kicker on our hands! We’ve been blessed to feel this baby WAY earlier than expected. First flutters were at 14 weeks and kicks were at 19 weeks (for both me and O!). For first pregnancies it’s usually closer to 20 weeks for “quickenings” and 24 weeks for consistent…

  • We’ve Been Revealed

      We’re so excited! *smile* <3 Oliver and Tara

  • LIVE link for gender reveal!

    Live video up now! Go here: Thanks! -Oliver

  • Technical Support: How To Watch

    So everyone who isn’t able to come to our party in-person will have the opportunity to WATCH it live! My gosh, don’t you LOVE modern day technology?! Now, this concept excited many but baffles many as well… so here is how it will work. Google has a social media feature called “Google Plus”. Within Plus…

  • The Party is a GO!

    That’s right… Baby Roehl “revealed” him or herself to the ultrasound tech while keeping the news from us – just PERFECT!   I recorded a quick message for you all…  It become more and more breathtaking and real as we get further down this road – it REALLY IS HAPPENING! God ALWAYS keeps His promises,…