Watching Soccer

Boy, oh boy, do we have a kicker on our hands! We’ve been blessed to feel this baby WAY earlier than expected. First flutters were at 14 weeks and kicks were at 19 weeks (for both me and O!). For first pregnancies it’s usually closer to 20 weeks for “quickenings” and 24 weeks for consistent solid movements. We’ve enjoyed this early “gift”. This week we noticed we are actually beginning to be able to SEE the baby’s movements from the outside. This has been quite amusing! Staring at my belly is becoming one of our favorite evening activities! Haha! We caught a little bit of it on video a few days ago. You can see it clearer without clothing, but I’m not comfortable with the whole “bare belly” thing. So you have to watch through the tank top. All the movements are in the upper left corner. Sorry it is a weird angle, I can’t lay flat on my back, so I’m partially propped on my side (giving everything a really weird perspective … I swear my belly isn’t THAT lopsided! Haha!).

I give a few verbal comments, but the time markers for the larger kicks are:

  • 5 second
  • 9 seconds
  • 23 seconds
  • 53 seconds
  • 1:30 seconds



Oliver will often bend down and talk to baby now, telling him to behave, eat well and do his homework *smile*  Tara sings all the time to him, and daily we pray over him. Just 4.5 months of this magical time.

<3 Oliver and Tara







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